Raw Gorilla Organic Original Crispies 250g


Raw Gorilla`s signature original crispies with a deep caramel flavour and just a pinch of vanilla. A combination of sprouted buckwheat seeds covered in dairy free caramel sauce and bursting with superfood goodness. Coconut flakes are added for good measure as well as sweet cashews and chewy figs to take this mix to another level.


Actually not a nut, but a tuberwhich grows underground. Tigernut is also known as an earth almond or chufa and has a naturally sweet and creamy taste, perfect in a raw crispies breakfast.


An ancient Peruvian root that was used by the Incas and grows in the Andes at 4000 meters altitude. Maca powder has a warming earthy taste.


Figs are divine. Soft, naturally sweet and succulent, figs are full of nature`s sunshine & goodness. A taste of the Mediterranean sun all year round.

Sunflower Seeds

Sure, Raw Gorilla love their seeds! Their organic energised Sunflower seeds give a yummy nutty taste to these crispies.

Buckwheat Seeds

This tiny seed is naturally gluten-free and has been bought to life by soaking in water and activating, just as seeds are activated in nature when it rains. Raw Gorilla then gently dry them at a low heat.

Raw Gorilla

Raw Gorilla is a new enterprise sprouted by a vision of a fun, brighter, happier breakfast and snacking experience. Discover the amazing world of raw food as close to its natural state as possible. Embrace your inner beast.


Buckwheat (50.4%), Coconut Chips (12%), Tigernut Flower (9.12%), Cocoa Butter (6.48%), Figs (6%), Raisins (6%), Coconut Blossom Nectar (5.4%), Sunflower Seeds (2%), Cashew (2%), Maca Powder (0.6%)

Allergen Information

Contains Cashew Nuts, Free From Dairy, Free From Gluten, May Contain Nuts, May Contain Peanuts, May Contain Sesame, Free From Soya

Allergy Information

Produced in an environment where Peanuts, Sesame Seeds and Nuts are handled.

Dietary Information

Organic; Gluten free; Suitable for Vegans