Organic Almond M*lk Plenish 1kg


This deliciously creamy almond milk is made with just 3 natural ingredients: water, organic almonds and sea salt. Totally free of additives and sweeteners. The ultimate dairy-free topper for your overnight oats, smoothies and granola! What's inside: Almonds, water and sea salt - that's it! What to expect: Fresh and creamy taste. Health benefits: Made with plant-based goodness Plenish almond milk contains 95% less sugar, 80% less saturated fat and 26% fewer calories than semi-skimmed milk*. Environmental benefits: Plenish Almond Milk produces 49% fewer carbon emissions than the average litre of dairy milk sold in the UK. How to use: Best with breakfast it makes a creamy topper for cereal, swirled into oats or as a base for smoothies.


Filtered Water*, Almonds 6%, Sea Salt*