New Year Resolution Hamper

£30 £45

Fresh start to 2022! We can hear you saying I need new year with new goals. We are here to help you. Our hand-picked New Year Resolution Snack Box provide organic powders, freeze dried fruits, natural chips and many more! These are all you need to have a positive start to your new year. Enjoy!  


1x Phizz Orange Tablets 10 S

1x Otto Dried Figs 150 G

1x Otto Roasted Almonds 150 G

1x Pol’s Freeze Dried Strawberry 15 G

1x Pol’s Freeze Dried Apple 15 G

1x Naturya Organic Cognition Blend  250 G

1x Naturya Organic Raw Maca Powder 300 G

1x Wild Cassava Chips Salt & Vinegar 40 G 

1x Wild Cassava Chips Sweet Chilli & Onion 40 G

1x Kallo Foods Organic Lentil Cakes 122 G

1x Ma Baker Mixed Tropical Bars

1x The Gut Stuff Raspberry Coconut Bar