Kids Snack Hamper

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Kids Snack Box

Kids eat better when they snack smarter. Our healthy kids snack box is packed with an amazing array of kid-approved goodness, like 100% real fruit gummies, and fun snacks you can feel good about. AND IT'S FOR SALE RIGHT NOW!  

What's inside?

  • Nakd Bars Bakewell Tart 35 G

  • Nakd Bars Cocoa Delight Bar 35 G

  • Jealous Sweets Love Bears Shot Bags 24 G

  • Pol’s Freeze Dried Strawberry 15 G

  • Pol’s Freeze Dried Apple 15 G

  • Bounce Almond Butter Protein Ball 35 G

  • The Gut Sutff Apple Cinnamon Bar 35 G

  • Cheesies Crunchy Popped Cheese Gouda 20 G