Cheesies Chilli Cheddar 20g

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It doesn’t get any CHEDDAR than Cheesies, unless of course you mean NEW Limited Edition CHEESIES CHILLI CHEDDAR. Treat your tastebuds to huge Cheesies flavour, now with the more-ishness of tongue-tingling chilli. Made from 100% Chilli Cheddar and nothing else (no powdered flavouring here thank-you-very-much)...are they a slow burn or fast and furious heat? You decide. 



Cheddar Cheese (cow's milk), Chilli Pepper blend (Jalapeno Peppers, Dried Chilli Peppers, Dried Green Peppers, Dried Red Peppers, Ground Chilli Powder) (1.7%)

Allergen information: contains dairy.