Are you on a keto diet?

We know it’s hard to find the right snacks for your keto diet. That’s why we created this box with our registered nutritionist to provide a balanced mix of nutritions for you. Don’t wait, get your box now!

You can try our delicious snacks and see how good they are yourself. We have everything in our box from nuts and seeds to sweet dark chocolate bars that will help keep you full while keeping carbs low. Get yours today!

  • Curated by a Nutritionist

    Our registered nutritionists handpicked these snacks for you!

  • Convenient

    Subscribe and recieve delicious keto snacks every month while saving a whooping £8!

  • Taste Guarantee

    If it's not your cup of tea, don't worry. We will make up for it.

  • Fast Shipping

    Don't want to brag but our shipping is actually very fast.

  • Emily

    I subscribed to the Keto snack box and it is the highlight of my week when it arrives. The products are amazing - dietly has introduced me to fantastic brands. It’s like Christmas every week :-)

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  • Chris

    Dietly are one of the best companies I have dealt with the products are amazing for Keto and I love them. The other reason I rate them so I highly is that you can really tell a company when things go wrong and they went above and beyond for me.

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  • Beth

    Used the site when Ocado didn’t have keto things in stock. Not only was it cheaper, the minimum order for free delivery was less and it arrived less than 48hrs later.

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