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Just because you have a certain diet, doesn't mean that you can't eat with passion. Imagine saying goodbye to your favourite treats for a long time. Not acceptable!

We partnered with registered nutritionists to carefully select the products meets your unique needs.

We will help you personalise your nutrition and find the best products for your needs.

  • Kagan - Chief Executive Officer

    Kagan is an all around guy who does little in everything. He sometimes annoys other team members with his never ending demands but they still love him. Team rewards him with keto snacks when he is a good boy.

  • Dervis - Chief Human Resource Officer

    Dervis is the person you need to be friends with if you want to get a job at Dietly. He cares about social skills so much that he tends forget about asking technical questions during interviews.

  • Murat Han - Chief Operating Officer

    If you received a discount coupon or gift with your order it's probably from Murathan. He's the most friendly person in our team. Also, the brightest as you can see from the image.

  • Defne - Head of Marketing

    Have you had a chance to look our social media accounts? Yes, that's all Defne. She is creative, fun and full of energy. Just like our brand. Say hi to her on Instagram!

  • Yousef - Interim CFO

    If accounting would be a person, it would be him. His mom says his first word was " revenue " when he was a baby. He's also making sure we don't spend all of our capital at pubs.

  • Ece - Head of Content

    If you see the most delicious recipes on our social media or recipe section, that's Ece. She is a very fun person to be around with. At her leisure she cooks the most delicious foods for her friends and family.

  • Archi - Chief Meow Officer

    Archi is more than a cat. He's our friend and colleague. He loves sitting on our laptops when we work around him. If we answer your enquiry late, it is likely that we are busy with entertaining him.

Our story

dietly is founded by friends from college who shared a similar problem. They spent too much time finding and sourcing the products that are suitable for their lifestyle and dietary needs. 

Dervis is a vegan (because he loves animals so much) and he has gluten intolerance. This practically means he spends 3x times more than a regular person at the market looking the ingredients section of the products. 

Kagan is on a low-carb diet because he is afraid to develop diabetes since it runs in his family. Limiting carb intake and eating more fiber helps him feel better. Like Dervis, he also spends a lot of time looking at the back of products.

We founded dietly to solve our own problem as well as help others who are in a similar situation as us. So far, we managed to help more than 2000 people find the right products for their needs. Our aim is to help people who has unique dietary needs with our products and services by personalising their nutritional journey.

Our vision

Our vision is to personalise everything about nutrition for you and help you discover what your body truly needs on a deeper level.

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